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Wall Colors


When choosing colors for your space be sure to keep it in the same color family. Go to your local paint store and choose a color palette that you like and use the shares on that palette. If your brave and choose to have one wall a different color the same princapal applies, choose a lighter or darker shade for the single wall.

Choosing Furniture


 When it comes to choosing your furniture, first scale the space the furniture will be going in and make sure your not choosing oversize furniture for a small space, the larger the furniture the less space you will have to navigate around, best bet is to take a tape measure with you when shopping for new furniture.

Wall Art


When it comes to hanging wall art or those family photos you want to display, hang them approximately 5.5" to 5.7" inches from the floor. Rule of thumb is when you walk into a room your wall art should all be evenly level with the average height of a person.



We all love accents, the candles on the table, the plant next to a lamp or the porcelain statue we can't live without,  but when adding accents be careful not to overload the space with to much because it will start looking cluttered and it will take away from that favorite piece you want to display.


Display Your Favs


Think of your home like an art gallery, display your favorite pieces. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into an art gallery that the space is clean and roomy and your eye is automaticly drawn to the wall art. Same rule appplies when it comes to decorating and designing your space. "DISPLAY IT"

Toss the odds


Look around your home and get rid of the things that you don't absolutely love, no one can see your favorite items when the space is to full. We have all had those moments when we are shopping and thought "I love this" just to realize later that we don't.


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